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Innovative Paving Solutions: Installing Pavers on Top of Concrete

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Installing Pavers on Top of Concrete

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Are you tired of the dull and boring look of your concrete patio or driveway? Have you been considering Improving it with pavers but are not sure how to go about it? Installing pavers on top of concrete can be a game-changer for your property. 

In this post, we will explore this concept in detail and highlight the pros and cons of this approach. Additionally, we will also emphasize the importance of professional installation services for this project, with a particular focus on the experienced team at Line Of Art Construction.

Exploring the Concept: Pavers on Top of Concrete

Installing pavers on top of concrete involves laying a layer of pavers on top of an existing concrete surface. This method is an excellent option for homeowners who wish to update their property’s look without tearing up their concrete. The rationale behind this approach is to provide an additional layer of protection to the surface, thus protecting it from wear and tear from foot traffic, weather, and other factors. Pavers also add an aesthetic appeal to the concrete surface, making it look more polished and inviting.

Pros and Cons of Installing Pavers on Top of Concrete

The pros of installing pavers over concrete are numerous and can significantly enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of your property:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: One of the key benefits of installing pavers over concrete is the aesthetic enhancement. Pavers come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and designs, allowing for customization that can elevate the look of any outdoor space.
  • Durability: Pavers tend to be more durable than traditional concrete. They are less likely to crack and can withstand a good deal of wear and tear, adding longevity to your outdoor spaces.
  • Easy Maintenance: Pavers are easy to maintain and replace if needed. If a paver becomes damaged, you can simply replace that singular paver instead of repairing an entire slab of concrete.
  • Non-Slip Surface: Pavers generally offer a more non-slip surface than traditional concrete. This can be particularly beneficial around pool areas or other wet environments.
  • Cost-Effective: While there might be a higher upfront cost, the long-term maintenance costs of pavers tend to be lower. It can be a cost-effective solution in the long run. 

On the other hand, there are a few potential cons to keep in mind when considering installing pavers on top of concrete:

  • Initial Cost: The initial cost of purchasing and installing pavers can be higher compared to other resurfacing options. This can be a concern for those working with a tight budget.
  • Potential for Unevenness: If the existing concrete surface is not even, laying pavers on top can result in an uneven surface which could lead to tripping hazards.
  • Drainage Issues: If not installed correctly, pavers can potentially create drainage issues. Water might pool on the surface or seep down, causing damage over time.
  • Time-Consuming Installation: Compared to other methods, the process of installing pavers can be time-consuming, as it requires precise placement and leveling of each paver.
  • Weed Growth: There’s a possibility for weeds to grow in the spaces between the pavers, which can require additional maintenance. 
  • Height Increase: Adding a layer of pavers on top of an existing concrete surface will increase its height. This can potentially create drainage issues if not properly planned and executed.
  • Professional Installation Required: Installing pavers over concrete is not a simple DIY project. It requires proper planning and execution, which is best handled by experienced professionals.

The Role of Professional Installation: Line Of Art Construction’s Specialized Services

  • Experience: Professional installers like Line Of Art Construction have years of experience installing pavers over concrete. This experience enables them to anticipate and mitigate potential issues, ensuring a smooth and successful project.
  • Quality: Professionals are adept at delivering high-quality workmanship that lasts. They are well-versed in the best techniques and practices for installing pavers, ensuring a beautiful and durable finish.
  • Efficiency: A professional installation team can complete the job more efficiently than an inexperienced individual, saving you valuable time.
  • Reliability: When you hire professionals, you can rely on them to complete the project on time and to a high standard. They have the necessary skills and tools to handle unexpected problems that may arise during the project.
  • Resource Management: Professional installers know where to source quality materials at the best prices, potentially saving you money in the long run.
  • Warranty: Many professional installation services offer warranties on their work. This provides peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong within the warranty period, they will handle the required corrections at no extra cost.
  • Safety: Lastly, hiring professional installation services ensures safety. They understand and adhere to all safety regulations and protocols, protecting you and your property during the installation process.

Professional installation is essential to ensure that the pavers are installed correctly and look their best. At Line Of Art Construction, our experienced team provides specialized installation services for pavers on top of concrete. Our team has the expertise and equipment necessary to handle every aspect of this project, from site preparation to the installation of the pavers. We take pride in providing our clients with high-quality services that are tailored to meet their unique needs.


In conclusion, installing pavers on top of concrete can be an excellent way to enhance the look and durability of your property’s surfaces. However, it is crucial to hire a professional team like Line Of Art Construction to ensure that the project is executed correctly. Our team has years of experience in paver installation and is committed to providing our clients with top-notch service. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you transform your property with pavers on top of concrete.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, pavers can be efficiently installed on top of existing concrete. The concrete base provides a solid foundation, ensuring stability and longevity for the paver surface, as long as the base is in good condition and properly prepared for the installation.

Putting pavers on top of concrete has a few good points. It uses the concrete that’s already there for a strong base, you don’t have to dig a lot, and it’s a fast way to make an outdoor area look better without having to take out the old surface.

Yes, thinner pavers are generally better for installation over concrete as they are lighter and easier to work with, ensuring a better fit on the existing surface. It’s also crucial to choose pavers that are designed for the specific use and area of installation to ensure durability and stability.

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